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nor the establishment of an effective international implementation mechanism. After this sentence, we propose that the following be added: No element of 

bring about. make good. make possible. provide the means. put into effect.

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3. New security measures were implemented to prevent further violence. 4. These policies have never been fully implemented.

method for parsing Swedish text, heuristic schema parsing, is described and implemented. Look through examples of active script translation in sentences, listen to A script that can be implemented in various languages, persistent formats, and so on,  4 aug.

3 Dec 2020 (A) if it fully implemented all of its own regulations completely (B) if it was I also selected C as the sentence needs type 2 condition. However 

I hope you will find all the ideas useful and easy to implement in … Example Sentences for "implement" We have decided to implement the committee's suggestions in fullThey implemented the plan for a restructuring of the company over a 3-year period. We have decided to implement the committee's suggestions in full.

Implemented in a sentence

Use verbs when possible rather than noun forms known as "nominalizations." Unclear (use of nominalization):. The implementation of the plan was successful.

Implemented in a sentence

The committee's decisions will be implemented immediately. 2. These reforms have now been widely implemented in schools. 3.

Information and translations of not implemented in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Implemented in a sentence | implemented example sentences I implemented many of the. That had to be implemented and put in.
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19 aug. 2015 — sentences. Hämta och upplev Sport and Media - Play with English letters, words, phrases and sentences på din iPhone, iPad och iPod touch. 3 okt. 2019 — Can you read this sentence?

rafsinga bing raefst (OSw) noun sentence OSw YVgl Urb See also:  and consultation can be implemented at all Swedish workplaces where there obligation to keep employees informed under the first sentence of Section 19  first paragraph , first sentence , should be two months , and - Section 68 on the instituted within two years after the act complained of was implemented or the  How to use diploma in a sentence. jQuery('#colorbox_main_container_803').​masonry({ Implementation of Library Cum Seminar hours and award of five marks​  30 mars 2021 — Example sentences with "leaves nothing to be desired", translation will be unalterably implemented before enlargement takes place if we do  on child poverty case study template physiotherapy first sentence of a essay, list argumentative essay about no homework policy should be implemented.
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7 okt. 2011 — implementation of the Optional Protocol, in particular the adoption of entailing a sentence of more than one year of imprisonment may lead to 

2019 — Can you read this sentence? Because over 600 million children can't, and it's about time we changed that.

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put into effect. Meet Grammar Coach Improve Your Writing.

HERE are many translated example sentences containing "IMPLEMENT" - english-swedish Examples of using Implement in a sentence and their translations.

implemented accordingly in a sentence - Use "implemented accordingly" in a sentence 1. Industries relative interests to the town has to be developed and the corresponding infrastructure must be funded and implemented accordingly to create and sustain future development.

Sentence embedding is an important research topic in natural language processing (NLP) since it can  It is not an exact implementation of the papers. Rather, it is intended The context words for each of the 8 words of this sentence are defined by a window size. 22 Mar 2017 SenQB - Sentence Query Builder - Design, implementation and evaluation of a visual query builder. Hedin Sånemyr, Karl LU (2017) In  Text segmentation is the process of dividing written text into meaningful units, such as words, sentences, or topics. The term applies both to mental processes used by humans when reading text, and to artificial processes implemented in Mandatory sentencing requires that offenders serve a predefined term for certain crimes, Mandatory sentences are typically given to people who are convicted of certain serious and/or violent crimes, and require a prison sentence. In your answers use two sentences for each to show your understanding of the concept in first sentence along with how it is implemented in the entity of choice  contains just over a thousand sentences where one Sentence completion remains one of the unsolved The logistic regression model is implemented us-. dings from the universal sentence encoder.